Avey Field

City: Laurier
ID: 69S

All State Airports Image - Laurier/Avey Field/69S


Located at Laurier, Washington, Avey Field is a unique airport which straddles the United States and Canadian border. Both U.S. and Canadian customs are conveniently located on the highway adjacent to the parking area. There are many attractions nearby, and motels and resorts are available within one to four miles. The annual use count is 40 to 50 per month.

Avey has a 1,975 x 40 foot gravel runway. Field elevation is estimated at 1,655 feet and density altitude problems are possible during the summer. Mountains and hills surround the airport, and there are trees in both approaches. We recommend an overflight to check field conditions and for presence of obstructions. We also recommend contact with the US and Canada border patrol offfices prior to arriving at the airport. The field is usually open from June 1st to October 1st.

Note: Gravel

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