Real estate services

Find information on buying WSDOT property, acquiring right of way for projects, wireless leasing, and the programs we have in place if a WSDOT project affects you or your property.

WSDOT has six regions and most real estate functions, including acquiring right of way for projects, are the responsibility of the region where a property is located. If you have any questions about WSDOT-owned real estate or a project that affects your property, please call the region on the contact list in your county. 

Real estate auctions and wireless leasing for the state is done by the Real Estate Services headquarters office. You can find information on those auctions, wireless leasing and general information below.

If you have questions about right of way plans, please contact the office in your county on the contact list. 

Buy WSDOT property

View current properties for sale or for auction. All properties listed on the site  are available on a first come, first serve basis, unless listed as auction property.


For information on Wireless Leasing see our wireless leasing website. For information to lease other types of WSDOT property contact the Real Estate Services Manager in your region.


In some cases, a WSDOT project may need to acquire property to construct, operate, and/or maintain a transportation facility. If your property is impacted by a WSDOT project, a representative will contact you to explain the process and review your rights as a property owner. For more information, please see the Property Needs and You (PDF 380KB) brochure.


If you or any of your personal property needs to move for a WSDOT project, you will be offered Relocation assistance. The Relocation Assistance Program is responsible for administering the Uniform Relocation Act (URA). The URA is designed to establish uniform procedures that will assure legal entitlements and provide fair, equitable, and consistent treatment to persons displaced by WSDOT.  Find more detail on these services and payments in the following brochures:

For offers made on or after June 3, 2024

Residential Relocation Assistance Program (PDF 827KB) - Revised 6/2024

Business/Farm/Non Profit Organization Relocation Assistance Program (PDF 871KB) - Revised 6/2024

Personal Property Only Relocation Assistance Program (PDF 43KB) - Revised 1/2024

For offers made prior to June 3, 2024

Residential Relocation Assistance Program (PDF 218KB) - Revised 1/2024

Business/Farm/Non Profit Organization Relocation Assistance Program (PDF 308KB) - Revised 1/2024

Personal Property Only Relocation Assistance Program (PDF 43KB) - Revised 1/2024


The Appraisal Program administers all valuation activities associated with the purchase of properties needed by WSDOT and/or the disposal/leasing of WSDOT-owned properties.  Please contact Jessica Stokesberry if you require forms for a WSDOT valuation project.

Consultant prequalification 

WSDOT Headquarters Real Estate Services office administrates and maintains a list of qualified individuals for the purposes of contracting for personal services associated with right-of-way (ROW) services. WSDOT requires individual consultants to be on the Approved Consultant List for WSDOT ROW Services prior to performing real estate services work for WSDOT contracts. See the Consultant Prequalification Process and the Right of Way Manual for more information.

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