Aviation grants

Learn about our Airport Aid Grant Program including who can apply, requirements and how to apply. 

Read the news release about submitting your grant by May 13.

Airports are vital to Washington state, fueling its economy and providing critical links to the state and national transportation system. WSDOT Aviation has been charged with the general supervision over the Airport Aid Grant Program, pursuant to RCW 47.68 on the legislature website, in which the program provides crucial financial assistance to public-use airports in the preservation of Washington's system of airports.

Who can apply

Under RCW 47.68.090, any city, county, airport authority, political subdivision, federally recognized Indian tribe, public corporation, or person(s) that owns and operates, a public-use airport included in the Washington Aviation System Plan (WASP) is considered an eligible airport sponsor and may apply for WSDOT Airport Aid grant funds. The municipality, tribe, or person(s) may act jointly with other municipalities, tribes, or persons to plan or carry out the project.

The airport sponsor must own or, in some cases, have a long-term lease (minimum twenty years) for the land upon which the project will be accomplished. 

Documents & requirements to apply

Airport sponsors must complete and submit the Airport Aid Grant Application and Airport Aid Application Checklist along with other supporting documentation as applicable.

The application and supporting materials should be able to answer the following questions:

  • Why is WSDOT Aviation investing in this project?
  • What will the end result be?
  • What are the benefits of this project (i.e. will it improve safety or security, benefit the environment, change operations, etc.)?
  • What is the project timeline?
  • What public outreach or involvement will be done as part of this project?
  • What will be done to protect the environment? See environmental guidance and tools for more information.
  • Will this project impact tribal resources?
  • Number of jobs the project is expected to create
  • Financial details, including a funding breakdown (i.e. What portion of funding is FAA/State/Local/Other)
  • Who can the public contact for more information?

More detailed information is available in the WSDOT Airport Aid Grant Procedures Manual - March 2018

Maximum grant

The maximum amount WSDOT Aviation can award to an individual sponsor in a single grant is $750,000.

Airport sponsor local match requirement

On projects seeking state funds only, the airport sponsor must contribute a minimum 5 percent match of the entire project cost. If the sponsor is able, and would like to contribute a larger match amount, they certainly can and will receive additional points towards their total project application score during WSDOT Aviation's prioritization review of all grant applications.

For projects receiving federal funds, it has been a long-standing practice of the Airport Aid Program to support airports in matching their Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grants. Currently, AIP grants require 10 percent of the project total to come from the airport sponsor. WSDOT supports grants to airports for up to half of their match requirement.

Eligible project types

The intent of the WSDOT Airport Aid Program is to provide sponsors of public-use airports with funds to preserve our state system of airports. Airports are critical links to the state transportation network and it is the role of the grant program to fund projects that strengthen Washington's aviation infrastructure.

WSDOT Airport Aid grant funds may be used for the planning, acquisition, construction, improvement, and maintenance of airports. All project work must be available for public use and be shown on the approved Airport Layout Plan (ALP). All projects must be included in WSDOT Aviation's five-year Statewide Capital Improvement Program (SCIP).

Grant award timeline

WSDOT solicits grant applications and awards funds once each year. During odd-numbered years (e.g. 2023, 2025, etc.), the grant schedule is constrained by the state's biennium, which prohibits grant awards prior to July 1. Thus, during odd-numbered years WSDOT typically solicits applications from airport sponsors between March and May and announces grant awards by July 15.

During even-numbered years (e.g. 2022, 2024, etc.), the grant solicitation and award schedule is earlier to better align with the typical construction season. Thus, during even-numbered years applications are solicited between February and March with grant awards announced by May 15.

Airport sponsors can elect to submit a grant application at any given time during the year (outside of the official solicitation) to be considered for the next grant cycle.

Airport Transformation Grants

Airport Transformation Grant Supplemental Application Form (PDF 2.9MB)

In October 2021 at the Washington Airport Management Association and Washington State Community Airports Association conferences, WSDOT Aviation announced that beginning with its 2022 Airport Aid grant program, 10% of the annual program funds available will be dedicated to Airport Transformation.

The purpose of the Airport Transformation Grants is to support the transformation of Washington's public use airports over time to be more environmentally sustainable. Sustainable aviation projects may include, but are not limited to: (1) Sustainable aviation fuel storage; (2) electrification of ground support equipment; (3) electric aircraft charging infrastructure; (4) airport clean power production; or (5) electric vehicle charging stations whose infrastructure also supports ground support equipment and electric aircraft charging.

Projects will be evaluated on their ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the modification of airport infrastructure to adopt clean forms of transportation, adoption of on airport clean power generation, and/or modification of existing infrastructure resulting in less dependence on fossil fuels.

Projects not selected for funding under the Airport Transformation Grants will automatically be considered for funding under the Sustainable Aviation Grant Program.

Information on how to apply for an Airport Transformation Grant is included in the Airport Transformation Grant Supplemental Application Form.

Move Ahead Washington - Sustainable Aviation Grant Program

During the 2022 Legislature, Governor Inslee subsequently signed into law Substitute Senate Bill 5975. The bill directs the Department of Transportation to establish a sustainable aviation grant program for airports.

The purpose of the grant program is to support adoption of zero emissions aircraft and sustainable aviation fuels, reduce harmful aviation-related emissions, and reduce the aviation industry's reliance on fossil fuels. Sustainable aviation projects may include, but are not limited to: (a) Sustainable aviation fuel storage; (b) electrification of ground support equipment; (c) electric aircraft charging infrastructure; (d) airport clean power production; or (e) electric vehicle charging stations whose infrastructure also supports ground support equipment and electric aircraft charging. The department must select projects, which may include planning, to propose to the legislature for funding. The department shall submit a report to the transportation committees of the legislature by December 1, 2022, identifying the initial selection of sustainable aviation projects for funding by the legislature and recommended changes to modify and sustain the program.

Please check back for more information as this program is developed and a call for projects is announced.

Airport Information System Database

As a condition for grant eligibility, airport sponsors are required to update their information annually on the Airport Information System database. Airport sponsors must first log in to the system in order to view and update information. Airports can request their User ID by emailing aisadmin@wsdot.wa.gov with the following information:

Sponsor name, address, phone number, and email.

Grant Reimbursement

Guidance on how to submit for reimbursement on WSDOT Airport Aid Grants:

Download the Invoice Voucher form, complete the top 1/3 of the form with; Vendor name and address, state vendor number, title, and date. For the middle section fill in the information for the invoices being claimed on the reimbursement; invoice date, consultant/contractor/vendor name and their invoice number, and amount of invoice. Below the line with ‘AGREEMENTS’ and ‘INVOICE’ include; Authorization – this is the grant number (GCB #### or UCB ####), Description – this is the project number assigned by WSDOT, Date – this is the date you are preparing/submitting the form, Gross Total – this is the total of all items being claimed on this reimbursement, Discount – this is the local and any other funding amount (e.g., airport sponsor and FAA), and then the amount representing WSDOT’s share will go under Net Total. All areas under ‘Accounting Classification’ are for WSDOT’s internal use. The authorized representative signs/dates the form in the upper right, scan the form along with any supporting documentation (i.e., copies of the vendor invoices), and email the scanned file to Eric.Johnson@wsdot.wa.gov.


View the terms and conditions of the Aviation Airport Aid Grant Agreement. 

View a list of grant recipients from the past 10 years.

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46% increase in Amtrak Cascades ridership to 251,000 passengers

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