Rules for billboards and other advertising signs on highways

Want to advertise on a billboard or sign visible from a state highway? Here's what you need to know.

Billboards and other advertising signs are regulated by state and federal laws on most state highways. For a convenient reference of state regulations, please read the WSDOT's Highway Advertising Control Manual. For Motorist Information Signs (MIS), which alert travelers to services available on or near state highways, please visit our MIS page.

We issue advertising sign permits for advertising sign installations on private property along regulated state highways within commercial or industrial areas. Each structure requires a $150, non-refundable permit application fee. Each permit is valid for the year in which they are issued, and must be renewed annually. Annual renewals are also $150 for each structure.

For advertising agricultural products along state highways, with the exception of interstates, there is a separate permit. These permits are $50 and are valid for five years. Agricultural product signs may be installed during the period of time that the seasonal agricultural products are being sold.

Advertising on other parts of the state highway system

Advertising is available within the State Highway System in our Safety Rest Areas and the Washington State Ferry system. These programs provide displays for brochures and other similar advertising features.

Advertising at Safety Rest Areas

Advertising space is available on displays in 20 Safety Rest Areas around the state. To advertise in a rest area, the only requirement is that your services be of interest to travelers.

To advertise in one of our Safety Rest Areas, please contact

Storey Co., Inc.
(360) 412-0666
(800) 558-7867

Advertising on Washington State Ferries

Advertising space is available on some Washington State Ferry runs and in some terminals. Please visit Business with State Ferries for information on advertising within the Washington State Ferry system.


Should you disagree with a permit decision that has been made, you have the right to have the Washington State Traffic Engineer hear the issue and recommend a final order. To make such a request, submit the request in writing to:

Attn: State Traffic Engineer
PO Box 47344
Olympia, WA 98504-7344

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