Fish passage maps & data

Find fish passage maps, get GIS data, and view our annual reports.

Find fish passage projects on a webmap

Tips for using our interactive map:

  • Use the layers to view which sites have been corrected and which sites remain total or partial barriers.
  • Click on the map to learn which species of fish are present at a particular site and view more photos.
  • Turn different layers on and off to know where different boundaries are located.
  • Use the measure tool to understand how close or far apart sites are.
  • Turn the "Delivery Plan" layers on to view projects recently completed or programmed for completion over the next few years.
A screenshot of our interactive webmap.

Public data download resources

Our progress correcting barriers

As of June 2023, we have completed 114 injunction barrier corrections. These actions have improved access to approximately 502 miles of upstream habitat for fish. We corrected fourteen injunction barriers last year, opening 29 miles of stream habitat.

Learn more about our progress identifying and correcting fish passage barriers, and related activities, in our 2023 WSDOT Fish Passage Performance Report (PDF 11.7MB).

View past annual reports here: WSDOT Annual Reports

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