Contracting & training for fish passage

Learn how to get involved with fish passage projects. See what projects are scheduled for design or construction, look at applicable standards & guidance, and view training opportunities.

Doing business with us on fish passage projects

There are many ways to get involved in fish passage projects. To view lists and maps of upcoming work, view our project delivery plans webpage or interactive webmap.

To find more information on how to bid on a contract, alternative delivery, active projects and upcoming bidding opportunities, view our contracting opportunities webpage.

To find information on consulting, including the pre-qualification process, and upcoming advertisements, view the consultant services webpage.

Fish passage design trainings

Find the training videos focused on design elements of fish passage projects below.

Design training overview

Scroll down halfway through the 2020 Fish Passage and Stream Restoration Design Training page to view our design training overview. The training consists of 13 modules, focusing on a different aspect of the purpose and process of WSDOT fish passage projects delivery. Participants must watch all module videos before seeking certification for this training.

Design videos

Watch the Designing Fish Passage Projects YouTube video to learn more about what happens in the design phase of a WSDOT fish passage project before construction begins.

To see an innovative fish passage project, watch this YouTube video of Loutsis Creek created by WSDOT contractor Goodfellow Bros., Inc. First of its kind on the west coast, the Loutsis Creek Fish Passage project on SR 203 in Duvall, WA used fiberglass arch tubes filled with concrete. 

Watch the Coffee Creek Project YouTube video about our first Design-Build fish passage project. Learn more about the innovative project details including how the team rerouted the stream to avoid highway crossings and eliminated a county owned barrier in a cost-efficient manner. 

Learn more about our standards & guidance

Use the various manuals and guidance below to learn more about WSDOT’s standards and guidance:

We also host informational meetings with industry partners annually. These virtual meetings involve many WSDOT representatives who discuss our agency’s fish passage delivery plan, upcoming work, and answer questions from the audience. View the recording from the February 2023 meeting here: WSDOT Fish Passage Information Meeting & Forum.

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