Record of Materials & New Products

Search for major construction materials used within WSDOT or have a New Product evaluated for acceptance.

Record of Materials (ROM)

Search for local agency ROMS - ROMs for state contracts can be accessed via the Materials Tracking Program or ROM applications.

The Record of Materials (ROM) lists major construction items provided by the Materials Laboratory for each project. The ROM identifies the kinds and quantities of materials that require quality control testing. It also lists the minimum number of acceptance and verification samples required for acceptance of those materials. The minimum number of acceptance tests is based on the plan quantities for the project and should be adjusted for the actual quantities used.

The ROM includes other materials requiring action such as:

  • Fabrication inspection
  • Manufacturer's certificate of compliance
  • Shop drawings
  • Catalog cuts

The acceptance action and/or the number of samples listed are the minimum requirements for the project engineer's acceptance of those materials and the minimum requirements necessary for the region's certification of the materials used on the project.

ROM Questions

Matt Johnson
ROM Engineer

Pat Norton
Asst. Materials Quality Assurance Engineer

Donny  Henderson
Materials Quality Assurance Engineer

New Products

The New Products Program is set up to evaluate products that do not have specification requirements per the current Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Standard Specifications, General Specifications or Standard Plans. A New Product is considered a fully developed, commercially available product for use in the construction, and maintenance of the WSDOT Transportation system. Products in the research and development stage do not meet this definition. Eligible new products must be currently commercially available.

Phase I is to email the New Products Engineer to discuss the product and process for initiating an evaluation. The New Products Engineer will provide the application and what may be needed for the review. The product will then be screened for possible WSDOT use and if a potential WSDOT Construction or maintenance need is identified. A subsequent estimate for Phase II evaluation, which includes a more detailed evaluation of the product will be estimated and transmitted to the Vendor. The Vendor will be required to establish a vendor identification number and reimbursable agreement with WSDOT Business office for Phase II evaluation to begin.

Review of the product may include, but is not limited to, supporting product information sheets, test performance results from private or governmental sectors, physical field test panels, in-hand examination of material, or any other criteria that the Department may request to have confidence for the intended use. It is stressed, however, that the Department will not engage in product evaluation unless an adequately developed, screened, tested, and marketable product or process is offered.

If WSDOT determines that the product has no construction needs, the Vendor will also be notified.

New products questions

Erica Legaspi
New Products Engineer

Pat Norton
Asst. Materials Quality Assurance Engineer

Donny  Henderson
Materials Quality Assurance Engineer

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