Project development

We provide guidance and assistance in the areas of design, construction, maintenance, ADA, and pavement to local agencies for transportation project development to aid in designing, managing, and preserving their transportation projects.

Design guidance for local agencies

As required by law, uniform design standards for city and county road systems are adopted by the City County Design Standards Committee, in accordance with RCW 35.78.020 and RCW 43.32.010. The committee seeks to encourage standardization of road design elements where necessary for consistency and to assure that motoring, bicycling and pedestrian public safety needs are met.

  • LAG Manual chapter 42 – City and County Design Standards (PDF 808KB) – provides design standards for local agencies.
  • Design-Project Development Support – WSDOT technical support for engineering data systems used in the preparation of estimates and contract plans.
  • Design deviation – In accordance to RCW 35.78.040, Local Programs will review design deviations for meeting the administrative warrants to fulfill the requirements per RCW. The requester shall submit each deviation sealed by a professional engineer currently registered in the State of Washington and the responsible charge project manager shall concur with the design deviation.
  • WSDOT Forms Management – Local Agency Bid Proposal Package.

Specification guidance for local agencies

Have been developed to serve a baseline for work delivered to the public.

Construction guidance for local agencies

  • Construction technical guidance – a reference of technical guidance for administration of construction projects.
  • The State Materials Laboratory – includes the bituminous, chemical, structural and soil laboratories, that serve as the central testing laboratory for WSDOT. You will also find the qualified products list (QPL) and pavement design and management information.

Maintenance guidelines for local agencies

Guidelines reached by WSDOT and Association of Washington Cities (AWC) are designed to facilitate the allocation of maintenance responsibilities between the State and Washington cities pursuant to RCW 47.24.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Pavement services

  • Pavement Surface Condition Field Rating Manual for Asphalt Pavements (PDF 1.6MB) - the Rating Manual provides the definitions of the pavement distresses for flexible pavements used in Washington and how they are measured. It also provides a description of inspection procedures and rating considerations. The Pavement Surface Condition Field Rating Manual for asphalt pavements was published in April 1999.
  • Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) for Local Agency Applications – getting the right pavement for local agency roads requires designing the correct pavement section and mix, asking for the correct mix in contract documents, and incorporating specification changes for the construction process.


Slow down – lives are on the line.

In 2022, speeding continued to be a top reason for work zone crashes.

Even one life lost is too many.

Each year about 670 people are killed nationally in highway work zones. In 2022, Washington had six fatal work zone crashes on state roads.

It's in EVERYONE’S best interest.

95% of people hurt in work zones are drivers, their passengers or passing pedestrians, not just our road crews.