Information technology strategic focus areas & goals

Find our Information strategic focus areas and goals, including continuous modernization, cybersecurity & data privacy and more. 

Our latest information technology plan is listed below, in accordance with the Washington State Office of the Chief Information Office Policy 112.


An innovative technology enterprise enabling a safe, sustainable, and integrated multimodal transportation system for Washington travelers.


We provide secure, reliable, and cost-effective technology solutions that enable transportation options to improve communities and economic vitality for people and businesses.

IT strategic focus areas

Continuous modernization

Agency goal alignment: Resilience 

  • Modernize and lifecycle manage hardware, software, data and application services.  
  • Establish a premier technology brokered services program.
  • Cloud enabled solutions.

Cybersecurity & data privacy

Agency goal alignment: Resilience

  • Enable a posture that increases security and reduces risk.
  • Respond to and recover from cyber incidents.
  • Promote IT/OT resilience.
  • Advance security culture.


Agency goal alignment: Workforce Development

  • Promote a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and innovative, customer service-focused team.  Recognize and support one another. Provide opportunities for learning and professional development.


​Agency goal alignment: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Administer the Enterprise Technology Board (ETB) for oversight of IT, OT and Design-Build systems.
  • Develop and implement policies and strategies for business-driven solutions.

Project management

Agency goal alignment:  Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion/Resilience

  • Use project management principles for value-added, cost-effective solutions to meet ongoing business needs.
  • Administer an Enterprise Technology Project Management Office (ETPMO).

Slow down on ice and snow.

It's easier to skid or lose control traveling at higher speeds. Give yourself more time to stop.

Carry chains, practice installing them.

Winter conditions could mean chains are required on your route. Practice putting them on your vehicle ahead of time.

Pack your winter car kit.

Carry extra supplies like warm clothing, ice scraper and brush, jumper cables and other emergency items.