Sign shop

Learn about the WSDOT Central Sign Shop, and how your government agency or department may be able to use their services.

WSDOT operates one Central Sign Shop in Union Gap. Our primary work is to provide quality traffic signs both to internal customers and to other local, state, and federal agencies. Additionally, we can provide banners, name plaques, posters, stickers, maps, calendars, and almost any other typical printed materials.

Pricing and ordering

All signs are priced per square foot. Price depends on how quickly the order is needed, and if anti-graffiti film needs to be included.

  • Standard orders: $15.32 per square foot; completion in 30 days
  • Rush orders: $17.82 per square foot; completion in 14 working days
  • Emergency orders: $20.32 per square foot; completion in 48 hours

Anti-graffiti film is an additional $3.40 per square foot.

Traction tires are a special type of tire

manufactured with at least 1/8 of an inch tread. Traction tires are usually marked with a mountain/snowflake symbol, the letters M+S or “All Season.”

Carry chains, practice before leaving

Requiring chains keeps traffic moving during storms rather than closing a pass or roadway.

Prep your car. Fill up your gas tank,

pack jumper cables, ice scraper, warm clothing, snacks and water.