Project delivery method selection guidance

Find Project Delivery Method Selection Guidance (PDMSG) to help identify the most appropriate Project Delivery Method (PDM) based on project attributes, opportunities and risks that result in the most cost effective and best value project delivery.

One of the first steps in project delivery is to determine the most appropriate project delivery method. The Project Delivery Selection Guidance (PDMSG) aids in selecting delivery method based on each the project's attributes, opportunities and risks.

Project delivery method selection guidance (PDMSG) tools

Read the PDMSG - summary (PDF 292KB) to understand the guidance that aids staff in evaluating projects for the most appropriate Project Delivery Method (PDM).

The PDMSG checklist (XLSX 21KB) helps to organize information to determine the most appropriate method.

Use the PDMSG matrix (XLSX 79KB) to determine probable and final project delivery method.

Project delivery method (PDM) tools

The PDM attribute comparison (PDF 185KB) tool is used to compare attributes between Design bid build, Design build and general contractor or construction manager.

View the PDM workshop agenda example (PDF 45KB) on how final workshops are planned and established.

Use the PDM submittal approval memo example (PDF 1.10MB) to obtain your approval and endorsement to utilize a project delivery method.

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