Move Ahead Washington Railroad Crossing Program

The Move Ahead Washington (MAW) Railroad Crossing Grant Program funding is to match federal funds for city and county projects which eliminate at-grade highway-rail crossings.

Call for projects: Closed – October 14th, 2022

Available funding for 2022

$5 million Move Ahead Washington (MAW) state funds.  Please note, funds will not be available until receiving a successful federal award.

Program purpose

The 2022 Washington State Legislature included funding for a Railroad Crossing Grant Program in the MAW transportation investment package.  This state funded program is state funds to match new federal transportation act funding for city and county Railroad Crossing projects.  The funding is provided to assist agencies competitiveness when applying for federal railroad crossing grant funds.


To be eligible for this funding:

  • Project scope must include the removal of an at grade railroad crossing. 
  • City, county, or local partner must submit and/or receive a federal discretionary grant such as: the Consolidated Rail Infrastructure & Safety (CRISI) program, the Railroad Crossing Elimination Program, RAISE, etc.

WSDOT will provide a conditional award letter to recipients of the state funds for inclusion in their federal grant application as a match.  However, the funds will not be released to a jurisdiction unless federal funds are also awarded. Agencies are limited to receiving these funds a single time towards the federal match on a project.

Selection process

  • All properly submitted applications will be reviewed to ensure they are complete and eligible for funding.

Other requirements

  • There is a maximum funding of $5,000,000 available.  The amount of the award for each project will be dependent on the size of the request for matching funds and the number or successful recipients.
  • Projects must comply with all necessary federal and state requirements as detailed in the Local Agency Guidelines Manual and the applicable federal program.
  • Project recipients must report semi-annually on the status and expenditures of each project.
  • Project costs incurred prior to federal fund obligation are not eligible for reimbursement.
  • Agencies that do not actively pursue the awarded project are at risk of the project being cancelled and the funds reprogrammed.

Application form

A completed application form (DOCX 51KB) is required. Include all projects the agency is requesting to be funded at that crossing. Applications must include:

  • General project information.
  • A vicinity map showing the locations of all improvements/countermeasures/projects.
  • A conceptual plan and cross section showing the existing and final configurations for infrastructure improvements/countermeasures.

Application forms must be submitted electronically by 11:59 PM on Friday, October 14th, 2022 by email to

*Note: Paper submittals will not be accepted. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

**Note: If the call for projects or application are needed in an alternative format, please make that request using the contact information.

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