National Highway Freight Program

Funding is available for local freight transportation projects in Washington state under the National Highway Freight Program.

The National Highway Freight Program (NHFP) was established by Congress in the 2015 Fast Act as a federal-aid highway formula program to improve the efficient movement of freight. Per federal law, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) determines how the federal NHFP funds will be used for local projects in Washington state.

WSDOT also is required by federal law to update its Freight System Plan and submit it to FHWA in the fall 2022 for final approval by December 1, 2022. The freight investment plan is the part of the freight plan that describes how the state will invest and match the FFY 2022-2025 NHFP funds.

FFY 2022-2025 NHFP project request and selection    

For FFY 2022-2025 NHFP funding consideration, WSDOT requested metropolitan planning organizations, regional transportation planning organizations, tribes, cities, counties and ports to collaborate and develop regional lists of priority freight projects. Project submissions were due on March 16, 2022 and the project selection process was completed in June 2022. The list of projects recommended for receiving NHFP funds will be incorporated into 2022 Freight System Plan and submitted to the Federal Highway Administration for approval.

Project selection results for FFY 2022-2025 National Highway Freight Program (PDF 199KB)

Slow down on ice and snow.

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