Revenue forecasting

Review Washington state transportation forecasts, economic variables, analysis and reports.

We create 10-year outlook quarterly transportation revenue forecasts for the Transportation Revenue Forecast Council (TRFC):

  • Motor fuel tax revenue.
  • Motor vehicle licenses, permits and fee revenue.
  • Other transportation related revenues.
  • Federal funds.
  • Economic variable forecasts including fuel prices.

The TRFC is overseen by the Governor's Office of Financial Management (OFM) and forecasts are published quarterly on their website. If you would like to get the forecasts in excel format, contact us.

The 2023 Legislature amended RCW 82.33.020 through the passage of ESHB 1838.  As a result, WSDOT is to transfer the state’s motor fuels, fuels price, vehicle license, plate, and fee revenue forecast activities and records to Washington’s Economic Revenue Forecast Council (ERFC). The transition of forecasting activities from WSDOT to ERFC will be complete by July 2024 and ERFC will produce their first Transportation revenue forecast in September 2024.

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Slow down – lives are on the line. 

In 2023, speeding continued to be a top reason for work zone crashes.

Even one life lost is too many.

Fatal work zone crashes doubled in 2023 - Washington had 10 fatal work zone crashes on state roads.

It's in EVERYONE’S best interest.

95% of people hurt in work zones are drivers, their passengers or passing pedestrians, not just our road crews.