Design training

Find design training opportunities and resources.


The Statewide Design training overview (PDF 1.1MB) explains the many types of training available, how to find trainers and how to be informed of upcoming trainings.

Design courses training matrix (PDF 201KB) will help you find the courses you need and give you priority recommendations.

See what Design Academies are scheduled for 2024 (PDF 383KB)

Design documentation (PDF 4.54MB) and design analysis training (PDF 10.5MB) are available from your Assistant State Design Engineer covering the design documentation process and how to write a design analysis. WSDOT employees can access The Learning Center on insideDOT for the next available class.

WSDOT Contract Review OLT explains basic WSDOT contract plans review principles. This course is available for credit in the Learning Center for WSDOT staff.

Project Management elearning has video courses of Change Management, Negotiation Essentials, and Risk Management.

Project Management Training Path (PDF 252KB)


Subscribe to the “Design Training News” Listserv. The Listserv includes the Training Newsletter, Monday Morning Minute, Grub Club, and all other training announcements.


For training opportunities in other divisions and disciplines within the agency, please refer to the WSDOT trainers contact list (PDF 94KB)

Find specialty groups and contacts (PDF 475KB) within WSDOT.  This resource has descriptions of the WSDOT specialty groups and the last two pages have contacts for each group.

Use this Plans Quality Management workbook (XLSM 1MB) as a template for quality management (including project management plan, 30/60/90/100 plans review checklists and CAD checklist.

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