Project management training

Find e-learning Project Management video courses on this page for training on Change Management, Negotiation Essentials, and Risk Management. Please note these are not Learning Center courses.

Training opportunities

WSDOT offers a number of design training resources. Find contact information for WSDOT trainers (PDF 99KB) based on the topic of training.

Change management

WSDOT has complex and exciting projects which require careful planning and preparation to deliver on time and within budget and scope. This module discusses your role as a Project Manager and how to plan and prepare for potential change to the projects scope, schedule and budget. Project managers are responsible for:

  • Identifying, tracking and communicating the nature and impact of change,
  • Understanding the thresholds for change management, and
  • Seeking approval from the appropriate authority.

With this information you can avoid the pitfalls of the past that resulted from changes that were not managed or identified way too late with significant impacts to the project.

Negotiation essentials

Negotiation is where long-term business relationships begin. This lesson provides a better understanding of the importance of successful negotiation skills for the project manager. Eight Key Steps are discussed and should be understood before negotiating a contract: Preparation, Discussion, Signaling, Proposing, Packaging, Bargaining, Closing and Agreeing.

  1. Theory of Negotiations (YouTube 14 min)
  2. Eight Step Approach, steps 1 - 3 (YouTube 18 min)
  3. Eight Step Approach, steps 4 - 8 (YouTube 14 min)

Risk management

More things may happen than will happen. Successful project delivery relies on an ability to deal with and manage uncertainty. Intentional and deliberate project risk management is much more effective than reacting to surprises as they occur. The following lessons offer an overview of processes and tools to aid in the identification, analysis and response to risk:

  1. Overview (YouTube 26 min)
  2. Planning (YouTube 14 min)
  3. Identification (YouTube 16 min)
  4. Qualitative Analysis (YouTube 9 min)
  5. Quantitative Analysis (YouTube 13 min)
  6. Risk Response (YouTube 15 min)
  7. Monitor and Control (YouTube 11 min)

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