Printing services

Find printing, digitization and duplicating services for state and local agencies, consultants and contractors working with the department.

What we offer

High speed black/white copiers - analog and networked digital copiers, electronic job storage for "on demand" printing, on-line stapling, same day service available on many jobs.

High speed color copier - high speed networked color copier, up to 12 x 18 sheet on paper and cover stock, 8 ½ x 11 overhead transparencies.

Offset printing - offset presses print up to 12 x 18, most commonly used to print specialty stocks, long runs of multi-colored ink jobs requiring metal plates.

Bindery services - contract distribution center, collate, staple, 3-hole drill, fold, trim, laminate (matte or glossy finish), shrink-wrap, padding, book binding (tape, coil, 19-ring).

Wide format black/white scanner/copier - networked scans and prints on bond, mylar or roll-stock up to 36" wide.

Wide format color scanner/printer - networked scans to 36" and prints up to 60" wide paper.

Scanning services - black/white or color print scanning up to 36" wide, OCR'ing available.

CD rom duplication - copies CD's, prints color labels directly onto CD using your jpg label file or we can create a label for you. Paper sleeve with clear window, slim-line or regular jewel cases available.

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Why does WSDOT have an in-plant printing function?

The Department of Transportation’s printing department’s primary responsibility is to the printing and assembly of contract plans and special provisions for the scheduled construction projects. WSDOT printing staff is very familiar with the format and content of contract plans and specials provisions; therefore, they act as a quality control for WSDOT contracts. Printing services also serves as the distribution and order tracking facility for all construction project documents. In addition to the contract documents Printing Services produces legislative and budget documents, technical manuals, training and communication material and other transportation related material in support of WSDOT’s mission.

How much do you charge?

Printing services operates on a cost recovery system. The rates are developed to cover all expenses and reviewed annually. The large volume of copies produced in-house allows us to offer the department a very low per copy price. For a copy of our current services and prices, please see our current price list (PDF 140KB). For a specific project price quote, please contact our office at 360-705-7840.

Is there a minimum charge?

Yes. There is a $4.50 minimum per order to cover the administrative costs of processing and billing.

How do I pay for my printing?

All WSDOT printing orders are charged directly to your work order at the end of each month. When you complete the printing services request you will need your work order, group, work op, control section (if applicable) and organization code. Outside customers establish an account and are billed once a month. Printing services cannot accept cash as payment for services.

Who can use WSDOT's printing services?

Any WSDOT employee, or office, may request our services by completing a printing services Request form. Our services are also available to consultants and contractors working with WSDOT, and to state, city and county government offices.

What type of material won't you print?

  • Non-transportation related material for WSDOT employees and offices
  • Large projects that is more economical to have completed through DES’s printing & imaging
  • Projects that are an unethical use of state resources
  • Any printing for the public

How long will my job take?

Each project is unique, but on average jobs are completed within one to two days, with many completed the same day. Larger, more complex jobs such as the engineering technical manuals may require longer delivery times. Contact us to check delivery time on your individual project.

How do you set priorities?

All of our customers’ jobs and deadlines are important. We take pride in meeting our customers’ needs; last year we averaged 98% on-time delivery to our customers. When necessary priorities are assigned in the following order:

  • highway construction project advertising documents
  • legislative material
  • commission and public comment material
  • budget and program management documents
  • scheduled training and other dated material
  • engineering technical manuals

Who do I contact to schedule my project?

Please contact our office at 360-705-7840 to schedule your individual project.

What alternatives to using WSDOT's printing facility do I have?

If we are unable to provide the service you need you may contact Printing & Imaging Services (formally State Printer). Printing projects exceeding $9999.99 must follow purchasing procedures per the Purchasing Manual. RCW 43.19.736 requires Printing & Imaging be included in any request for quotes or bids for printing.

Where are you located?

Printing services is located in the "B" wing on the service level of the headquarters building in Olympia.

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