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Steve McKerney
Director of Internal Audit
(360) 705-7004

Chloe Kenyon
Administrative Assistant
(360) 705-7003

Jeff Tawney
Assistant Director of Internal Audit
(360) 705-7008

Jesse Daniels
External Audit Liaison
(360) 705-7035

Katrice Bugtong
Tolling/Ferries Internal Auditor
(206) 771-9976

Internal Audit

Laura Trainer
Audit & Consulting Services Manager
(360) 705-7020

Charito Alcantara-Leveque
Audit Specialist
(360) 705-7009

Daren Guyant
Audit Specialist
(360) 705-7055

Laura Geer
Audit Specialist
(360) 705-7007

External Audit

Jarron Elter
Agreement Compliance Audit Services Manager
(360) 705-7799

Thuweba Kimotho
Audit Specialist
(360) 705-7818

Lamin Ceesay
Audit Specialist
(360) 705-6967

Sharon Palko
Audit Specialist

Beth Becker
Audit Specialist 


Cristopher de la Pena
(360) 705-7058

Slow down on ice and snow.

It's easier to skid or lose control traveling at higher speeds. Give yourself more time to stop.

Carry chains, practice installing them.

Winter conditions could mean chains are required on your route. Practice putting them on your vehicle ahead of time.

Pack your winter car kit.

Carry extra supplies like warm clothing, ice scraper and brush, jumper cables and other emergency items.