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State Highway Map

The Washington State Highway Map includes more than highways. It also shows exit numbers, mileage between exits, points of interest and more. Due to state budget reductions and advances in new driver-assistance technologies such as GPS, online driving directions and in-vehicle navigation systems, WSDOT is no longer offering paper copies of the state highway map. The 2014-2015 version of the State Highway Map is now available in high resolution pdf files that can be viewed at any zoom level maintaining crystal clear clarity. Choose from two versions – with shaded relief or without:

Milepost Map

The milepost maps display mileposts along the state highway system at 10 mile intervals (5 mile intervals for the Puget Sound enlargement) as well as mileposts at the junctions of state highways, along with county and region boundaries, to the nearest one hundredth of a mile.

State base maps

The state base map shows the state highway system, county boundaries and selected communities in two different sizes. The Puget Sound enlargement base map shows the state highway system, county boundaries and selected communities in two different sizes, but at a larger scale than the statewide map. The simple design allows for other highway information to be drawn on the map.

Additional maps and resources

In addition to the maps listed on this page, the WSDOT Online Map Center Map Gallery has printable (PDF) maps. The Map Gallery maps vary in size and complexity, and all are available for download. Your local print shop will be able to provide you with guidance on how to print the larger maps.

Traffic fatality crashes on Washington public roadways

increased 56% in March 2021 compared to March 2020.

11,906 incidents responded to

by WSDOT’s incident Response teams during the third quarter of 2021, nearly 6% more than same quarter in 2020.

WSF ridership was nearly 5.7 million in the first quarter of fiscal year 2022,

which was 1.6 million (38.3%) higher than the corresponding quarter in FY2021