Business with ferries

Learn about the available contracts and advertising and promotional opportunities on board our vessels and at terminals.

Contracts and legal services

If you are interested in doing business with us, learn more about the contracts we have available. Our contracts include contracts for ferry terminals, ferry construction and maintenance, terminal and ferry concessions, and consultant services.

Advertising and promotions

Ferries Brochure Stand



We work with two contracted advertising vendors to manage all advertising programs on board our vessels and at terminals. These advertisers also handle our Community Poster program on our behalf.

  • Certified Folder Display Service, Inc. offers distribution of brochures and magazines combined with opportunities for digital media (LCD screens) on board all of our vessels and at six terminals. Contact Certified Folder Display’s Northwest Regional office at 206-870-2470 or
  • Ballyhoo procures and oversees advertising from local and national companies using posters, wraps, banners, digital media and exhibits onboard vessels and at terminals. Contact Ballyhoo at

Tabletop promotion activities

Businesses and organizations may be permitted access to our facilities as a venue for promotional and marketing efforts or educational outreach. Although no sales are permitted, items for promotional ‘give-away’ distribution are permissible within our guidelines. Organizations wishing to book a promotional event or requesting additional information may contact our Business Operations Manager Tierra Russell at or 206-515-3828.

Film and photographic activities

Ferries Film Shoot Ballerinas



Production companies may be permitted access to our facilities as a venue for filming or photo shoot activities. Commercial film/photo shoots must be coordinated in advance in order to minimize impacts to operations. Please view our "Quick Info" for Filming and Photo Activities (PDF 524KB) sheet for more information. For any other questions please contact Tierra Russell at or 206-515-3828.

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