Right of Way Manual

Publication Number
M 26-01
Manual Manager
Kevin Workman
Real Estate Services, Development Division

The Right of Way Manual provides guidance on real estate acquisition, title, appraisal, relocation, and property management.

Right of Way Manual Memorandums

Right of Way manual memorandums are issued as interim updates to the Right of Way Manual.

Individual Chapters

Foreword (PDF 143KB)

Contents (PDF 368KB)

Chapter 1 Administration and Operation (PDF 227KB)

Chapter 2 Organization (PDF 307KB)

Chapter 3 General Information (PDF 287KB)

Chapter 4 Appraisal (PDF 440KB)

Chapter 5 Appraisal Review (PDF 322KB)

Chapter 6 Acquisition (PDF 760KB)

Chapter 7 Title (PDF 246KB)

Chapter 8 Encumbrances (PDF 503KB)

Chapter 9 Instruments (PDF 945KB)

Chapter 10 Vouchers (PDF 300KB)

Chapter 11 Property Management (PDF 9.1MB)

Chapter 12 Relocation Assistance (PDF 1.2MB)

Chapter 13 Forms (PDF 209KB)

Chapter 14 Design Build (PDF 173KB)

Chapter 15 Vacant (PDF 34KB)

Chapter 16 Use and Oversight of Consultants (PDF 246KB)

Chapter 17 Project Certification (PDF 696KB)

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