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Bandera Airport runway.

Airport Alert

Closed Date October 15, 2023.

Exceptions: Usual wet early fall conditions may require closing prior to this date.

Please check NOTAMs for actual opening date.

Contact the State Airports Manager at or 360-618-2477 for additional questions.








 Fire rings
June 1 - Oct. 1 yearly
 No water
 No facilities

Available information for airport

Constructed in 1948, Bandera was one of our first state airports. Nestled in the beautiful upper Snoqualmie Valley 14 miles east of North Bend, this field still serves as a vital emergency airport. This quiet, scenic airport offers a calm way to spend an hour on a stopover, or for an overnight camping trip. The airport is just a few feet off Interstate 90, yet is quiet and removed from the noise of the city. The scenery and air are truly something to enjoy. The nearby Snoqualmie River provides fairly good fishing, though the trout generally run only six to eight inches long. It is an excellent location for mountain flying practice. Though surrounded by mountains, the valley is wide enough for maneuvering most light aircraft. The airport is frequently used by instructors for training students in soft field work and in mountain flying. Glider clubs frequently base out of Bandera.

Bandera has a 2,344 foot turf runway which is extremely soft when wet. Field elevation is 1636 feet, and some density altitude problems can be encountered on a summer day. Trees surround the airport close in, and there are trees close to each end of the field in the approaches. Elk, deer and motorcyclists may be encountered on the field. The surface is rough. Vehicle ruts, and frost heaved rocks are possible. The south third of the runway is almost always soft, and the runway is generally smoother the farther north you land. Overflight to check for surface damage, presence of obstructions, and height of grass is essential. The airport is usually open from June 1st to October 1st.

This airport has been adopted by the Washington Pilots Association, Seattle Chapter.

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