Moses Lake Municipal

If you would like a copy of the Airport Layout Plan, please email Paul Wolf at

This web camera was purchased with WSDOT Aviation Security Grant Program funds and is operated courtesy of the City of Moses Lake.

The camera is located on the northwest corner of the operations building on the east side of the airport. The camera provides four views: west toward the wind tee indicator, east-northeast, north toward the approach end of Runway 16, and south toward the approach end of Runway 34.

The images displayed should indicate the direction “west, east-northeast, north and south” along with a time/date stamp.

The camera operates 24 hours a day with the images updating every 15 minutes.

To report a problem with the camera contact: Airport Commission Chairman, Darel Fuller, 509-760-4470 or email:

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Aviation disclaimer: The web cam images are being provided as a service for pilots to view current airport conditions. They should not take the place of a pilot’s responsibility for obtaining a regulatory compliant weather briefing prior to flight from automated resources or from Flight Service.