Lower Granite State

Lower Granite State Airport runway.

Airport Alert

Open year round – gravel runway. No winter snow removal. If it snows airport is closed.

Please check NOTAM’s and contact the State Airports Manager at paul.wolf@wsdot.wa.gov or 360-618-2477 for updated information or questions.








at Boyer Park
at Boyer Park
 Fire rings
at Boyer Park
at Boyer Park
at Boyer Park
1/4 mile to resort

Available information for airport

Lower Granite is another of the airports leased from the Corps of Engineers, on the Snake River. Co-located with Lower Granite Lock and Dam, 14 miles south of Colfax, Washington, the airport provides an excellent opportunity for fishing, camping, and educational tours through the dam. Just northwest of the airfield is a large marina, a water recreation area along with a restaurant, bathrooms, camping, and a small motel.

The 3400-foot gravel runway slopes downhill to the northwest. Field elevation is 719 feet and some density altitude problems are encountered during the summer. The canyon is fairly narrow in this area, making patterns difficult. The approach from the east is around a bend in the river. The approach from the west is clear. People and animals have been noted on the runway. The windsock is located midfield on the south side. Strong winds are usually present blowing up or down the canyon, and when the wind blows across the canyon, a windshear can be expected at rimwall height. The surface is gravel and can be loose and may not be suitable for low wing lower prop aircraft. Tall weeds are also a problem. The airport is use-at-your-own-risk! Funding, available crews, and equipment are limited and efforts to compact the gravel and apply a layer of CSS1 Asphalt emulsion to help keep the gravel down has been delayed. Pilots need to be extremely careful on runups and takeoffs due to the potential for prop strikes. We recommend an overflight to determine field conditions, and presence of obstructions. Watch for snakes when walking around. The airport is open year-round, however in winter months if snow occurs, it's closed.

For dam tours, please call in advance to (509) 843-1493, Ext. 255 or Ext. 250.

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