Sullivan Lake

Sullivan Lake State Airport runway.

Airport Alert

Open April 19, 2024

Exceptions: Anticipate temporary NOTAM closure for spring maintenance. Day and time to be determined.

Check NOTAM’s for official open date that amends FAA Chart Supplement June 1 open date.

Contact the State Airports Manager at or 360-618-2477 for additional questions.

Note: Summer emergency firefighting staging operations is possible at this airport. Check NOTAM’s, TFR’s and contact Airport Manager for fire related activity updates.


Metalline Falls






Primitive on airport tent sites next to parked aircraft
 Fire rings
Forest service CXT in camp areas
Next to fire rings
3 mile to stores

Available information for airport

Sullivan Lake is a unique recreational paradise. There are many forms of recreation available. One can swim, fish, boat, and camp. There are resorts nearby and a Forest Service Campground, with all the amenities, just through the fence. You can camp on the airport, and use the picnic tables along the west edge. At Sullivan Lake, you can really enjoy the out of doors and relax in your own way.

The 1,765 x 150 foot turf strip slopes uphill to the north, and is somewhat rough, although extensive ground squirrel management efforts by the USDA Wildlife Services over the last two years have significantly mitigated the squirrel population and resulting runway damage caused by the burrowing animals. With the help of airport volunteer sponsors, we have made fantastic gains to repair the runway surface by filling in many holes.  There will always be some ground squirrel activity and resulting holes . The estimated 2,614 foot field elevation and the hot summers do cause density altitude problems. Recent airport improvement in 2011 include new airport fencing, new wind cones, and significant tree obstruction removal on the north threshold and along both sides. Terrain rises fairly rapidly to the north and the canyon walls narrow quickly. The approach from the lake is clear, and departures over the lake are relatively simple. Animals love to graze on the runway and nearby campers have been noted to be swimming off the threshold at the lake end.  Overflight is essential to check the airport, move the animals and people, and to locate any burrows which might be in your landing path. Wind indicators are located on the northwest and southeast edges of the runway. Do not land on the extreme west edge as the picnic tables will ruin your whole day. The airport is generally open from June 1 to Oct. 1.

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