Boeing Field/King Co International

The Boeing Field Airport Runway.






King County

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Weather information

(206) 763-6904
Frequency - ATIS 127.75


Airport Cameras

These camera images are provided courtesy of Washington Air Search and Rescue (WASAR) and Clay Lacy Aviation.

The cameras are located on top of the Clay Lacy jet center approximately mid-field on the east side of the airport. The cameras provide two views – Northwest and Southwest.

The camera images update every 30 seconds. Since this is not a WSDOT web cam, please use the refresh button on your browser to view the updated images.

To report a problem with the cameras contact: WASAR at (253) 833-6777.

All information subject to use disclaimer.

Aviation Disclaimer:
These web cam images are being provided as a service for pilots to view current airport conditions. They should not take the place of a pilot’s responsibility for obtaining a regulatory compliant weather briefing prior to flight from automated resources or from Flight Service.