Yakima Air Terminal/McAllister Field web camera

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(509) 248-1502
Frequency - ATIS 125.25



Yakima Air Terminal / McAllister Field Web Cam
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This camera image is provided courtesy of the City of Yakima - Yakima Air Terminal/McAllister Field.

The camera is located at Fire Station 94 located west of the main terminal building on the north side of the airport. The camera is facing southeast towards the main terminal ramp with the Ahtanum Ridge Mountains south of the airport in the background.

The camera image updates every five minutes. Since this is not a WSDOT web cam, please use the refresh button on your browser to view the updated image.

To report a problem with the camera contact: Rob Peterson, Airport Manager at (509) 575-6149 or email: rob.peterson@yakimaairterminal.com.

All information subject to use disclaimer.


Aviation Disclaimer:
This web cam image is being provided as a service for pilots to view current airport conditions. It should not take the place of a pilot’s responsibility for obtaining a regulatory compliant weather briefing prior to flight from automated resources or from Flight Service.