Lake Wenatchee State Airport (WSDOT-Managed)

City: Leavenworth
ID:  27W

All State Airports Image - Leavenworth/Lake Wenatchee State/27W

Note: Firefighting activity is common at this airport. Watch for helicopter activity. Check NOTAMs and TFRs. Contact Flight Service Station at 360-618-2477.


When your feet touch the sod at Lake Wenatchee, the first thing you are aware of is the beautiful smell of pine and the great outdoors. The atmosphere is quiet and peaceful. The airport is located next to the Lake Wenatchee State Park with 197 well prepared campsites. Outdoor toilets and space for camping are also available on the airport. Fishing, water recreation, and hiking are available at the nearby lakes.

The 2,473 foot turf runway has the 100 foot wide center strip outlined with reflectors. Field elevation is 1936 feet and some density altitude problems can be anticipated on hot summer days. The runway surface is somewhat rough and animals are very common. A local winter recreation club does much of the maintenance, and work crews and equipment are common. Trees surround the airport, and there are trees in both approaches close in. The airport is generally open from June 1st to October 1st. We recommend an overflight to check field conditions and for presence of obstructions.

This airport has been adopted by the Washington Pilots Association, Wenatchee Chapter.

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