SR 162 Sumner to Orting Corridor Planning Study

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Study news

One recommendation of the SR 162 Sumner to Orting Study Corridor Congestion Study is to improve the SR 162 and SR 410 interchange intersections. In 2018, Legislative Proviso ESSB 6106 directed WSDOT to further refine solutions for the two intersections. WSDOT recently completed the SR 162 and SR 410 Interchange (pdf 1.8mb) from Mead McCumber Road to 74th Street Study in December 2018. 

In June 2017, WSDOT completed the SR 162 Sumner to Orting Corridor Congestion Study. The report is now available for viewing on our study library page.

Corridor Study Purpose

State Route 162 is an important north-south link for the Orting community and the surrounding area of southeast Pierce County. The purpose of the study is to identify ranked strategies that increase mobility by reducing delay for travelers using the highway corridor while maintaining or improving safe operation of the highway.

The End Result

The study report produced ranked strategies addressing the corridor needs for the 20-year vision. The report will guide WSDOT moving forward in identifying future solutions, and advance potential solutions into the design, right-of-way and construction phases.

WSDOT will work with stakeholders and partners to implement low-cost strategies such as Transportation Demand Management which includes vanpools and carpools in the short-term. WSDOT will continue to work with interested partners on the strategies considered pertinent and viable over the short-, mid- and long-term operation of the highway corridor.


The study was funded through the 2015 Legislative Evaluation & Accountability Program (LEAP) as part of the Connecting Washington Projects package.


Dennis Engel, Multimodal Planning Manager