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SR 167 Master Plan

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The SR 167 Master Plan started in earnest in fall 2021 and we anticipate completing the SR 167 Master Plan update in 2023.
In progress
In 2021, the Legislature reauthorized $2.88 million for the SR 167 Master Plan update.


The Puget Sound region is thriving and attracting large population and employment growth. This growth increases strain on our transportation infrastructure and services, resulting in increased traffic congestion and increased needs for maintenance and preservation. There is a need to move people and goods by maximizing the effectiveness of our multimodal transportation system now and into the future. 

In response to this need, the Washington Legislature passed Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5825, directing $3 million to develop a multimodal SR 167 Master Plan. As part of the SR 167 Master Plan effort, WSDOT will analyze existing and future conditions, incorporating information from public and stakeholder engagement, to identify near, medium, and long-term multimodal transportation needs and strategies along the SR 167 corridor.

The proposed SR 167 Master Plan study area will include the existing SR 167 facility from the Port of Tacoma (SR 509) to Renton. WSDOT will also consider the local system, and work with other transportation providers to fully understand needs and solutions in the corridor.

This map shows the SR 167 Master Plan study area, highlighted in green.