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Puget Sound Gateway Program

This map shows the portions of SR 167 and SR 509 that will be completed under the Puget Sound Gateway Program

Major Project overview

The Puget Sound Gateway Program combines the SR 509 Completion Project in King County and the SR 167 Completion Project in Pierce County to complete critical missing links in Washington state's highway and freight network. These projects build important new connections to the state's ports, improve the movement of freight and reduce congestion on local roads and highways. Both projects have multimodal benefits and together create 13.8 miles of new bike/pedestrian paths and 4.5 miles of new sidewalks.

Timeline overview


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$2.68 billion funds the Gateway Program, which builds the SR 509 Completion Project in King Co. and SR 167 Completion Project in Pierce Co.

Major project alerts

Kris Olsen
Communications manager, Puget Sound Gateway Program

For current SR 167 and SR 509 traffic alerts, please visit our real time map.

Multiple stages of construction

Both the SR 509 Completion Project in King County and SR 167 Completion Project in Pierce County will be completed simultaneously in multiple stages of construction with work lasting through 2029. To learn more about this phased construction approach, see our Construction and Implementation Plan (PDF 1MB).

SR 509 Completion Project  

SR 99/509 New bridge (Stage 1a): open to traffic

WSDOT partnered with Sound Transit to build a new SR 99 bridge over SR 509 near South 208th Street in SeaTac. The work is part of Sound Transit's Federal Way Link Extension. The project includes new walls to reduce noise from both the new roadway and light rail. The partnership reduced construction disruptions by building both projects at the same time. This stage of construction was completed in 2022.

SR 509/I-5 to 24th Avenue South – New Expressway Project (Stage 1b):  In progress

This stage builds the first mile of the new SR 509 expressway between I-5 and 24th Avenue South in SeaTac and adds a new interchange at 24th Avenue South. The project also builds new SR 509 ramps to and from I-5, improves the I-5/SR 516 interchange, and creates a new South 216th Street I-5 overpass with multi-modal access. Construction is expected to be complete in 2025. 

SR 509/24th Avenue South to South 188th Street – New Expressway Project (Stage 2): 2024-2028

This final stage builds the remaining 2 miles of the new SR 509 expressway, linking the entire SR 509 corridor to I-5. The work also adds a southbound auxiliary lane on I-5 between SR 516 and South 272nd Street. 

Stages 1b and 2 also include approximately 10 acres of on- and off-site wetland mitigation.

SR 167 Completion Project 

SR 167/70th Avenue Bridge Project (Stage 1a): Open to traffic

This first stage of work started in 2020. In June 2021, WSDOT opened a four-lane bridge over I-5 in Fife that doubled the capacity of the 70th Avenue East Bridge it replaced. The new Wapato Way East Bridge includes a 12-foot-wide protected pedestrian and bicycle path across I-5. WSDOT also built a new SR 99 multi-lane roundabout to allow traffic to flow between the bridge and SR 99. Other improvements include a new connection between the bridge and the Interurban Trail, and a new trail parking lot. This project set the stage for the rest of SR 167 construction. Learn how in this video.

This is an aerial view of the new Wapato Way East Bridge over I-5 in Fife and the connecting SR 99 roundabout.

SR 167/I-5 to SR 509 New Expressway Project (Stage 1b): In progress

This stage of construction builds a new 2-mile highway between I-5 and SR 509 in Pierce County, providing a direct link to the Port of Tacoma. A diverging diamond interchange will be built over I-5 to connect I-5 to the future SR 167 extension. There is also unique environmental improvement work known as the riparian restoration program which will restore about 150 acres of wetlands and streams near SR 167 and I-5.

SR 167/SR 161 to SR 410 - New Expressway Project (Stage 2a): 2025-2027

This stage of construction will build a diverging diamond interchange at SR 167 and SR 161/North Meridian Avenue, widen SR 167 between North Meridian Avenue and SR 410 and build the SR 167 embankment from the Puyallup Recreation Center to North Meridian Avenue. Construction work also includes new bridges over North Meridian and Milwaukee avenues and begin building the Tacoma to Puyallup regional shared-use path. 

SR 167/I-5 to SR 161 - New Expressway Project (Stage 2b): 2026-2029

The final stage of construction will build the remainder of SR 167 between I-5 and the Puyallup Recreation Center. It also includes a half-interchange at Valley Avenue, completing the diverging diamond interchange at I-5, six new bridges, 113 acres of wetland mitigation and restoration, and completing the Tacoma to Puyallup shared-use path.