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North Lewis County Industrial Access Transportation Study

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This corridor study will help inform future improvements and investments that will benefit and support all users, including industrial access for freight traffic near north Lewis County's Harrison Avenue interchange. Currently, freight access to I-5 is not adequate and conflicts with travelers sharing the roadways.

Sept. 2022 - Dec, 2023
$1 million


To keep people and goods moving throughout western Washington State, the Washington State Department of Transportation is working with local stakeholders and government leaders to conduct a study to assess existing environmental and traffic conditions and reviewing new alternative routes for vehicle and freight truck traffic near the I-5 and Harrison Avenue interchange (Exit 82), in north Lewis County. 

North Lewis County is a major transportation hub that connects the robust western Washington economy between Vancouver and Olympia. Due to current growth in this area, congestion during weekday peak commute times (typically between 6-9 a.m. and 4-6 p.m. on weekdays and between 12-2 p.m. on Fridays) has increased, causing significant backups and delays as well as conflicts between travelers sharing the road with freight truck traffic. With anticipated future growth throughout this location, WSDOT is looking at ways to increase mobility, improve safety and reduce congestion with improvements that will mutually benefit local communities and businesses in the area. 

This study will also focus on addressing gaps in active transportation (e.g., biking, walking, rolling) facilities, access to public transit, vehicle traffic pain points, safety improvements and ADA compliance. 

Local community members will play a pivotal role by reviewing and narrowing a wide range of potential improvements projects, down to one feasible set of improvements by providing input and comments on key components of the study during two public open houses: the first online open house was held in March 2023 and a second open house is tentatively scheduled for May 2023. 

Following public and stakeholder input, WSDOT has refined the recommended set of potential improvements and investments to ensure they will benefit travelers of all modes and abilities for many years to come. 

WSDOT is conducting a planning study of the north Lewis County industrial area to examine new alternative routes that improve industrial access for freight traffic near the Harrison Avenue interchange. They are assessing 15 separate intersections between Grand Mound in Thurston County down to Harrison Avenue/West 1st Street, in Lewis County.