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SR 155-SR 155 Spur Active Transportation Access Planning Study

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An open house is scheduled for Thursday, May 23 at the East Omak Elementary. The public will be asked for feedback, including how they currently use that section of the highway, whether they walk or bike the area, and their level of comfort with those activities.

Grant funding from the Sandy Williams Connecting Communities Grant has been awarded to fund the design and construction of pedestrian and bicycle improvements on State Route 155/Omak Avenue between the US 97 overpass and Benton Street in Omak.

April- November 2024
In progress
$1.5 million


This study will work with community partners to evaluate design options to connect multi-modal access and tie in pedestrian and bicycle facilities between two other projects planned on SR 155/SR 155 Spur. An open house was held in November 2023 to share information about the SR 155 Spur Bridge improvements and the SR 155 Omak area paving projects, both of which include improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists. This planning study is to develop design for that connection based on public feedback.

SR 155-SR 155 Spur Active Transportation Access Planning study area