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SR 155 Spur/Okanogan River Bridge Replacement

Project overview

This project will demolish the existing concrete arch bridge over the Okanogan River and replace it with a new, 422 feet long curved bridge slightly north. The new bridge deck will accommodate two 12-foot vehicle lanes with 4-foot shoulders and a 14-foot-wide shared use path. Utilities will also be relocated onto the new bridge. New stormwater facilities would be added to treat roadway runoff before it enters the Okanogan River.

The project will improve the roadway and sidewalks at this location to make travel safer and more efficient for all users. The bridge deck width will be widened to allow space for wider lanes, shoulders, and an ADA compliant shared use path. The angle point on the west end of the bridge will also be removed.

Spring 2022-Fall 2028
Project status
$29.3 million

What to expect

This project is scheduled to go to advertisement in early 2027, with construction planned for 2027-2028. The existing bridge will be left in place during construction to allow bikes, pedestrians, and equestrians to cross the river and vehicle traffic will be detoured to the US 97 bridge. Temporary work trestles and barges would likely be needed to construct the new bridge.

The new bridge is scheduled to open to the public in Oct. 2028.

Map of the SR 155 spur bridge replacement project in Omak.