State Route 4 Corridor Planning Study

State Route 4 Corridor Planning Study -Study map Purpose of Study: 

In 2020, the Washington State Department of Transportation will develop a plan that defines, supports and prioritizes strategic actionable outcomes (cost-effective and feasible improvements) that will support long-term economic growth along the State Route 4 corridor through the Longview-Kelso area.

Project Goals: 

  • To improve the overall connectivity and mobility in the study area
  • To improve safety by reducing potential conflicts between modes    
  • To enhance economic vitality opportunities supported by the previous two goals


No funding is currently identified to implement infrastructure improvements along State Route 4. Once we have a preferred project and the predicted costs, this information will allow us to act quickly when appropriate funding becomes available. It may also help improve coordination with local partners as they develop their own transportation plans. Small operational changes such as signal adjustment are also possible in the near term in coordination with local partners. Funding has not been identified for construction of future infrastructure improvements. 


  • Dec. 2019: Complete existing conditions assessment 
  • Late spring 2020: Complete assessment and analysis of potential improvements
  • Summer 2020: Outreach process to take place between April – August 2020
  • Early 2021: Complete planning study report 

WSDOT is currently facilitating stakeholder meetings every other month.


Jason Gibbens, 360-905-2087,