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I-90 Judkins Park Station - Reconnecting communities - Environmental justice assessment

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The goal of the I-90/Judkins Park Station – Reconnecting communities study is to recommend changes to the WSDOT I-90 ramps at Rainier Avenue South to improve the safe travel of all modes, especially safe access to the JPS Link station via transit transfer, walk and roll.

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$3 Million


Washington's environmental justice law, known as the Healthy Environment for All (HEAL) Act, requires WSDOT to conduct environmental justice assessments when considering significant agency actions. These actions are those that initiated after July 1, 2023, and consist of WSDOT transportation projects and grants of $15 million or more, new grant or loan programs, agency request legislation and rulemaking.  

Environmental justice in Washington state, as provided in the HEAL Act, addresses disproportionate environmental and health impacts in all laws, rules, and policies by prioritizing vulnerable populations and overburdened communities, the equitable distribution of resources and benefits, and eliminating harm (RCW 70A.02.010). 

The I-90/Judkins Park Station – Reconnecting communities study will support the evolution of Rainier Avenue South to a multimodal avenue.

Key elements of the study include: 

  • Developing a concept for the I-90 ramps at Rainier Avenue South to the 30% design level.

  • Focus on safe travel for all modes.

  • Facilitate access to Link station via transit transfers, walking and rolling.

There are five I-90 on and off ramps that terminate on Seattle's Rainier Avenue S near Judkins Park Station.