Design - Project Development - Overview of Engineering Applications

Here you will find all the tools and engineering applications that will help with your project.

EBASE Estimate and Bid Analysis System is an application where the ultimate goal is to provide users with a quick, reliable, flexible, and effective way to manage estimates and contract bid information.  This application also helps to eliminate duplicated effort and the need for side systems and databases with local offices. You will find user guides, tools and other helpful information for system users & region administrators

Bid Tabs Professional is a software provided by a private company using Bid Tabulation data from EBASE. It will analyze all Standard Bid Item and contractor bid data for contacts let by WSDOT. It makes this data available with a multitude of predefined query areas and creates reports or exports to excel the results based on those queries. Here you will find users guides and starter estimate templates for use with Bid Tabs Pro Plus.

    The Unit Bid Analysis (UBA) history data includes a listing of projects in which a bid item was used, the Low, Second and Third bidder information for those projects, as well as the quantity and measurement data.  Search an area that returns the bid history for standard bid items used in WSDOT projects.

    Quantity Tabulations (QTABS) & Structure Notes (SNotes) 
    The Quantity Tabulation application is an excel based application for the creation of quantity tabulation and structure notes sheets. Download the application as well as the users guide.

    Find Sign Specifications and guidance for your projects.  Helpful information for users as well as downloadable versions and templates.

    Find current Standard Items (SIT) as well as standard items and data. 

    Once a project has been awarded, the basic project information is recorded in the State Highway Contracts (xls 696 kb). This document contains all contracts from 4000 to 8000 and details project identifiers, description of the work done, and awarded bid information.