Quantity tabulations application

Use this excel based application to create quantity tabulation and structure notes sheets.


Use at your own risk. We do not assume liability for any problems from the use of this application. We provided this information for the convenience of local agencies and private firms.

We will provide tech support for use of the application in the creation of Quantity Tabulation workbook files, but not troubleshoot software/hardware compatibility issues on PC's or systems outside the WSDOT network.

Requirements for Qtabs

Enable Macros to use the QTABS application. Always save your QTABS workbook as an .XLSM format.

Use the Quantity Tabulation Excel Spreadsheet (XLS 47KB) if you are unable to install the above applications.

Older versions
If you have Qtabs created on older versions of excel, use the Qtabs available on Citrix. Contact your workstation support for access to CITRIX 2003 Desktop and use the QTABS V1.6 in the virtual environment to revise older QTABS projects. Microsoft 2003 objects, like textboxes, won't transfer to 2007.

Users guides

Q Tabs Users Guide (PDF 1.9MB)
Q Tabs - How to insert a PE Stamp (PDF 205KB)
Q Tabs - How to add or delete sheets in a workbook (PDF 238KB)

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