ProjectWise is a project collaboration and architecture, engineering, construction, (AEC) information management software developed explicitly for the design and construction of AEC infrastructure projects.

Unlike traditional document management and collaboration software, ProjectWise is a system of collaboration servers and services for AEC information for the design and construction of infrastructure projects while the work is in progress. It provides scalable, industry-proven, advantages in work-sharing, content re-use and dynamic feedback.

ProjectWise is used to manage files and collaborate with internal and external customers within the state mega-projects including:

  • The Alaskan Way Viaduct
  • SR520 Floating Bridge
  • Tacoma HOV
  • Columbia River Crossing
  • Triangle Interchange
  • I-90 Two-Way Transit

ProjectWise installation

Download the ProjectWise Client (ZIP 854MB)

See Registering the WSDOT ProjectWise server (PDF 224kb) if you need to manually register.

Please contact Bentley for assistance with these application installs.

Alternatively, users can access ProjectWise through the ProjectWise Web Server. Please review Using the ProjectWise V8i Web Server (PDF 138KB) for more information.

ProjectWise training documents

To access the WSDOT ProjectWise training 101, ProjectWise software and registering the WSDOT Datasource are required. Please contact HQ CAE Helpdesk for assistance.

WSDOT ProjectWise-MicroStation training 101 (PDF 293KB)
Advanced ProjectWise file commands 201 (PDF 539KB)

Creating engineering files in ProjectWise 201 (PDF 412KB)
Creating custom views in ProjectWise 201 (PDF 566KB)

Local document organizer training 201 (PDF 401KB)

ProjectWise file versions 201 (PDF 391KB)
ProjectWise searches 201 (PDF 367KB)

Working with ProjectWise flat sets 201 (PDF 411KB)
ProjectWise - Accessing files from the web (PDF 138KB)

ProjectWise technical notes

Office products may be integrated with ProjectWise are Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word. Learn how to control office integration - SS4 (PDF 145KB)

See how to create shortcuts (PDF 161KB) to a file or folder within ProjectWise.

ProjectWise and moniker errors (PDF 159KB) describes the several ways to create links in ProjectWise.

ProjectWise is a powerful document management tool that can handle multiple users in the same workspace and documents. When opening files (PDF 154KB), choose the appropriate option for the task. How documents are opened controls the ability of other people to work in them.


For any support needs, please email the HQ CAE Helpdesk or call 360-709-8013.
Monday – Friday, 7:00 am – 4:00 pm

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