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North Spokane Corridor

Aerial view of the North Spokane Corridor Phase 1 project at SCC completed in November of 2023

Major Project overview

The North Spokane Corridor (NSC) is a 10.5-mile multi-modal corridor. When complete, the NSC will be a 60-mile per hour, north/south limited access facility that connects I-90 at the south (just west of the existing Thor/Freya interchange) and connects to US 2 (at Farwell Road) and US 395 (at Wandermere) on the north end. Various stages of construction remain to complete the project.

7 miles are now completed with only 3.5 left to go.

Timeline overview

August 2001 - 2030

Major project status



$1.5 Billion

Major project alerts

The North Spokane Corridor opened from Freya to Wellesley Avenue now making the project over 70% complete.
Terrence Lynch
NSC Project Engineer
Ryan Overton
Communications Manager

Plans and process

The North Spokane Corridor was originally conceived in the mid-1940s as an alternate north/south route through the city of Spokane. Currently, the only north/south routes include a series of lights that slow and stop traffic while traveling between downtown Spokane and Wandermere. The limited access corridor was chosen to keep the movement of freight and goods off city streets. Once completed, this projected will decrease travel time, fuel usage and congestion while improving safety by reducing collisions on local arterials.

End result

At completion, this project will connect to US 395 at Wandermere and US 2 to the north and connect to I-90 near the Freya/Thor interchange to the south. This will create a 60-mile per hour, 10.5-mile-long north/south limited access facility. Interchanges will be located at Wellesley Avenue and Trent Avenue (SR 290) in addition to the ones already complete at Francis/Freya Street, Parksmith Drive, US 2, and US 395 at Wandermere.

Benefits and needs

Travel time between Wandermere and I-90 will be shortened to approximately 12 minutes. The NSC is a free-flowing freeway that will not conflict with schools, parks, or shopping areas. Fewer trucks on arterial roadways through the city of Spokane will result in cleaner air because drivers will no longer need to stop at lights or intersections. Each year the US 395 corridor carries 7.2 million tons of freight ($13.5 billion) through Spokane. Between 1993 and 2003 freight shipments increased by 58%.

Constructing the North Spokane Corridor will create the opportunity for adjacent commercial and industrial development with approximately 2,100 acres of land located along the route. The NSC will also improve safety and reduce collisions with an estimated $22 million per year in avoided societal costs.

Since the NSC is a multi-modal corridor, the Children of the Sun trail system will connect into the Centennial Trail and other established trail systems along with other neighborhoods.