Public Transportation Grants and Awards

Public transportation grants

WSDOT's Public Transportation Division administers grants that help local transportation providers improve access and mobility. We play a key role in the state and federal grant programs that provide more than $250 million per biennium to support community-based public transportation. Funds are provided to public agencies and to non-profit and for-profit transportation service providers. Grant-funded projects include:

  • Services (e.g. transit; paratransit; transportation for the elderly, people with disabilities and rural communities; commute trip reduction, transit pass programs)
  • Equipment (e.g. new buses, vanpool vans)
  • Infrastructure (e.g. transit centers, park and ride lots, transit signal priority systems, transit lanes) 

Who receives public transportation grants?

The following types of organizations qualify for at least some of WSDOT's public transportation grants: cities, counties, non-profit agencies, private operators, senior centers, special districts (such as schools and ports), state agencies, transit agencies, and tribes. 

What does WSDOT's Public Transportation Division do?  

  • Facilitates stakeholder and public engagement and grant policy development.
  • Manages competitive project selection and formula allocations.
  • Works with grantees to finalize project scope, budget and grant agreements.
  • Works with grantees to develop performance measurement plans and report performance. 
  • Monitors grantees for delivery and compliance with state and federal regulations through reporting, financial tracking and site visits.
  • Assists with vehicle purchases and vehicle inventories.
  • Provides training and technical assistance.
  • Reports to the public, Washington State Legislature and the Federal Transit Administration.

Grant Resources

For more information, contact Evan Olsen, or 360-705-6929 or your local WSDOT Public Transportation Community Liaison.