Apply for a Public Transportation Grant

Below you will find information for prospective applicants for state and federal grants administered by WSDOT's Public Transportation Division. Grants are funded on a biennial (two-year) basis, though some grant programs may fund projects on a four-year cycle. The following types of organizations qualify for at least some of WSDOT's public transportation grants: cities, counties, non-profit agencies, private operators, senior centers, special districts (such as schools and ports), state agencies, transit agencies, and tribes. Grant-funded projects include:

  • Services (e.g. transit; paratransit; transportation for the elderly, people with disabilities and rural communities, commute trip reduction, transit pass programs)
  • Equipment (e.g. new buses, vanpool vans)
  • Infrastructure (e.g. transit centers, park and ride lots, transit signal priority systems, transit lanes)

Rural Transportation Assistance Program grant - notice of funding opportunity

  • Applications for the 2021-2023 grants are now available. Information about eligibility requirements, application and timeline is available in the notice of funding opportunity
  • The deadline for applications is by 5:00 p.m., February 8.
  • For more information, contact Marianna Hanefeld at or 360-705-7248.