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SR 160 - Fauntleroy Terminal - Trestle & Transfer Span Replacement

Cars wait for the ferry on the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal dock

Major Project overview

The SR 160 - Fauntleroy Terminal - Trestle & Transfer Span Replacement project will replace the aging Fauntleroy ferry terminal to maintain safe and reliable ferry service for people who travel between West Seattle, Vashon Island, the Kitsap Peninsula and beyond. The terminal is an essential transportation hub that serves more than 3 million riders per year, including people who board ferries by walking, biking, driving and riding transit. The terminal faces several challenges. Built in the 1950s, parts of the terminal are aging, seismically vulnerable and overdue for replacement.

Timeline overview

Preconstruction 2020 - 2027

Major project status



$93 million

Major project alerts

Hadley Rodero
Deputy Director of Planning, Customer and Government Relations

WSF continues to study options to replace the aging Fauntleroy ferry terminal. WSF is using a Planning and Environmental Linkages process that allows us to consider environmental, community and economic goals early in the decision-making process.

During this phase, the project team will use input from the community and advisory groups to refine the range of alternatives. This process will inform WSF’s selection of a preferred alternative that aligns with the project’s Purpose and Need (PDF 379KB).

Online open house live now 

The SR 160 - Fauntleroy Terminal - Trestle & Transfer Span Replacement online open house is live now through May 24. Visit the online open house today to learn more about this important terminal replacement project.  

Review the Level 3 Alternatives Summary (PDF 3.5MB) for detailed information on the range of Level 3 alternatives and the criteria the team will use in Level 3 screening. 

WSF hosted two public meetings on May 7 and May 8 to provide an in-depth look at the Level 3 alternatives and screening criteria and an overview of upcoming project work. 

Meeting Recordings

Watch this video to learn about the challenges the replacement project aims to address and the next steps towards construction.

Project Milestones

  • Fall 2016 - Launched a public process to gather community input on how to improve the “Triangle route”
  • Fall 2017 - Near-term operational improvements at the dock
  • Spring 2019 - Launched new sailing schedule for Triangle route
  • 2019 - WSF releases 2040 Long Range Plan that recommends replacing Fauntleroy terminal
  • Spring 2021 - Fauntleroy Terminal – Trestle & Transfer Span Replacement project starts
  • Summer 2021 - Launched three advisory groups to advise WSF on options to replace the terminal
  • 2021 to 2025 - Planning and Environmental Linkages study
  • 2025 to 2027 - NEPA/SEPA environmental review
  • 2027 to 2029 - Planned start of design and construction