Move Ahead Washington public transportation grant programs

Find information on Move Ahead Washington, the new state transportation funding package that provides $3 billion for public transportation over the next 16 years. Move Ahead Washington funding will add support to existing programs and lead to the development of new programs.

These grants are supported by state funding from Washington’s Climate Commitment Act (CCA). The CCA supports Washington’s climate action efforts by putting cap-and-invest dollars to work reducing climate pollution, creating jobs, and improving public health. Information about the CCA is available at

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For the 2023-25 biennium, the Legislature appropriated $406 million under the Climate Transit Programs Account. This is in addition to the funds provided under the Multimodal, Rural and Regional Mobility accounts. 

The table below includes the grant programs that received funding under the Climate Transit Programs Account.

Grant program

Eligible entities

2023-25 funded

2023-25 spent

2022-25 total funded

2022-25 total spent to date

Special Needs Grant Program funding for nonprofits Nonprofit providers of special needs transportation $17,963,000 $3,037,796 $21,211,000 $5,899,391
Special Needs Grant Program funding for transit agencies Transit agencies* $60,137,000 $2,956,059 $71,009,000 $13,159,255
Transit Support Grant Program Transit agencies* $188,900,000 $12,636,488 $222,506,000 $46,201,731
Green Transportation Capital Grant Program funding Transit agencies* $39,400,000 $365 $44,110,000 $1,759,632
Transit Coordination Grant Program Transit agencies in the central Puget Sound region† $2,000,000 $0 $3,000,000 $956,143
State Buses and Bus Facilities Grant Program Transit agencies* $38,000,000 $50,165 $38,000,000 $50,165
Tribal Transit Mobility Grant Program Tribal nations in Washington $10,000,000 $454,211 $10,000,000 $454,211
MAW tier projects Transit agencies, regional transit authorities, cities , and counties $46,587,000 $0 $46,587,000 $0
CTR/TDM Cities, counties, and regional organizations $3,300,000 $157,000 $3,300,000 $157,000

*City transit systems under RCW 35.58.2721 or chapter 35.95A RCW, county public transportation authorities under chapter 36.57 RCW, metropolitan municipal corporation transit systems under chapter 36.56 RCW, public transportation benefit areas under chapter 36.57A RCW, unincorporated transportation benefit areas under RCW 36.57.100, or any special purpose districts formed to operate a public transportation system.
†Transit agencies located in a county or counties with a population of 700,000 or more that border Puget Sound.

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