First Mile / Last Mile Connections Grants

This program supports projects that help people connect with fixed route public transportation services, including buses, ferries, rail, water taxis, tribal transit, and vanpools. WSDOT's Public Transportation Division partners with the Transportation Demand Management Technical Committee to administer the First Mile/Last Mile Connections Grant.

Projects funded by the program use numerous strategies to improve peoples’ first- and last-mile connections to public transportation, including:

  • Coordination of shuttles, ride-hailing, vanpool, vanshare, carpool, bike-share, paratransit, and demand-response options with public transportation services
  • Bicycle lockers
  • Pavement striping
  • Transit-pass subsidies and incentives
  • Marketing and public education
  • Parking management

2019-2023 Project List

Applicant Project Title Award
City of Bellevue CrossConnect: testing a demand-responsive first-last mile to microtransit service for underserved neighborhood $394,000
City of Tacoma Tacoma's Trail to Transit Connector $111,000
Yakama Nation Enhancing Pedestrian Facilities Connecting to Tribal Transit $495,000

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