SR 160 - Fauntleroy Terminal - Trestle & Transfer Span Replacement

Project news

  • Since we last engaged with communities about the Fauntleroy/Vashon/Southworth (“Triangle”) route schedule changes in spring 2019, a lot has changed. In the first half of 2020, the emergency closure of the high-rise West Seattle Bridge coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant changes to both ridership and transportation in West Seattle. While we remain committed to addressing the long-standing operational challenges and seismic vulnerability of the current facility, we are proceeding cautiously with planning and community engagement given the changing transportation landscape. While project planning, design and construction take place, we will continue to actively monitor and maintain the terminal infrastructure to ensure ongoing safe operations.
  • This project to replace the Fauntleroy Terminal follows nearly three years of work, between fall 2016 and spring 2019, with communities to develop and implement nearer-term operational improvements at the terminal and schedule changes for the "Triangle" route (pdf 1.58 mb).
  • We believe in the importance of community engagement and are committed to engaging the community as project planning progresses. Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, we will use virtual engagement tools until it is safe to be together in person again. While these preliminary community engagement efforts are underway, WSF’s technical team will continue to collect important background data to support project planning and engage with federal partners.


The SR 160 - Fauntleroy Terminal - Trestle & Transfer Span Replacement project will address the deficiencies of the aging and seismically vulnerable terminal in order to maintain safe and reliable service between West Seattle and destinations on Vashon Island, the Kitsap Peninsula and beyond. The Fauntleroy terminal was built in the 1950s and needs substantial preservation work. This project was identified in the WSF 2040 Long Range Plan given the preservation need and long-established operational constraints and inefficiencies of the terminal.

Needs & Benefits

The Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal in West Seattle supports the “Triangle” ferry route, with daily ferry service between Fauntleroy, Southworth and Vashon Island. The terminal is an essential transportation hub for the region and serves more than three million riders per year, including people who board ferries by walking, biking, driving and riding transit.

The terminal currently faces several challenges, including:

  • Parts of the terminal are aging, seismically vulnerable and overdue for replacement
  • Rising sea levels could damage the superstructure from debris during high tides in the future
  • Long-standing operational challenges, including:
    • Challenges with vehicles queuing on Fauntleroy Way, with only one shoulder holding lane to serve two destinations.
    • A small terminal, with only enough dock space for approximately 80 cars, that is served by three 124-car Issaquah class ferries using a single slip.

Community engagement

This project will build on past community engagement to look at ways to alleviate the current operational issues and preservation needs at the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal. As we begin project planning, we will work closely with the communities to make sure that the options we consider are the right fit for the communities served by the terminal. Our near-term engagement goals include:

  • Being transparent with the public about the complexities of project planning
  • Working with communities to define core problems faced by ferry riders and nearby neighbors of the Fauntleroy Terminal.

Since fall 2016, the Fauntleroy, Vashon Island and Southworth communities have worked with WSF on improvements to the "Triangle" route and the agency’s 2040 Long Range Plan. Working closely with the Triangle Task Force, and gathering input from the communities through frequent open houses, and online engagement, we’ve received lots of feedback on operations and constraints of the Fauntleroy terminal.


  • Fall 2016-2019 – Near-term operational improvements at the dock
    • 2017 – Improved vehicle processing at tollbooths
    • 2018 – Implemented new operational plan for Fauntleroy terminal
    • 2019 – Launched new sailing schedule for Fauntleroy/Vashon/Southworth
  • 2020-2023 – Planning and environmental review for terminal preservation
  • 2023-2025 – Design and construction planning
  • 2025-2027 – Construction

Future dates tentative based on funding and impacts from COVID-19.


In 2018, the Washington State Legislature approved $93 million for the project, included in the annual Transportation Plan. Currently, funding for construction is identified for 2025-2027.


Hadley Rodero
WSF Community Engagement Manager

Map of Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal in Seattle

Photo of Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal
The terminal is an essential transportation hub for the region, serving more than three million riders a year.

Photo of Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal in the 1950s
Built in the 1950s, the terminal needs substantial preservation work.