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Tolling the SR 509 and SR 167 expressways

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The Puget Sound Gateway Program combines the SR 509 Completion Project in King County and the SR167 Completion Project in Pierce County to complete critical missing links in Washington's highway and freight network. These projects will create important new connections to the state's ports, improve the movement of freight and reduce congestion on local roads and highways. In 2009, the Washington State Legislature directed WSDOT to conduct toll feasibility studies for the SR 509 and SR 167 corridors to examine potential toll funding and construction options. ​​​​​​​WSDOT worked closely with stakeholders from nearby cities and jurisdictions, the ports, the Puget Sound Regional Council and the Federal Highway Administration to evaluate several options for tolling and construction to complete these corridors.

2009 - 2013
Estimated $2 billion funds the Gateway Program, which includes the SR 509 Completion Program and SR 167 Completion Program


At the request of the Washington State Legislature, WSDOT prepared toll feasibility studies for SR 167 and SR 509 to examine tolling and construction options for the new SR 167 and SR 509 corridors. The studies provided insights into:

  • Potential funding and corresponding financial capacity that can be generated from variable tolling to fund the extension projects. 
  • How variable tolling might reduce the traffic demand, and consequently the number of new lanes needed within the corridors and affected areas.
  • Construction options to move forward with the Puget Sound Gateway Program (which combined the SR 509 and SR 167 completion projects).


The future extensions of SR 509 in King County and SR 167 in Pierce County will be electronically tolled (no tollbooths). Only the new segment of road (called an expressway) will be tolled. The Washington State Transportation Commission will start the toll rate-setting process closer to expressway openings.