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I-5 - SR 16 Tacoma/Pierce County HOV Program

Images of various construction projects in the I-5 SR 16 Tacoma Pierce County HOV Program

Major Project overview

The Tacoma/Pierce County HOV Program is a series of projects, spanning over 20 years, that build high-occupancy-vehicle (HOV) lanes on I-5, SR 16 and SR 167 in Pierce County.

Timeline overview

2000 to 2022

Major project status



$1.4 Billion

Major project alerts

The I-5 Portland Avenue to Port of Tacoma Road - Southbound HOV project began in February 2019 and is expected to finish in 2022. This is the final funded project on I-5 in the Tacoma/Pierce County HOV Program.
Cara Mitchell
WSDOT Communications

During construction, travelers can expect:

  • Overnight lane and ramp closures when needed
  • The construction contracts require that three travel lanes are maintained during daytime hours 
  • Reduced speed limits in work zones
  • Narrowed shoulders
  • Shifted lanes
  • Changes to exit points

In addition new HOV lanes, these projects include many other improvements:

  • Safety – Additional merge lanes, wider shoulders, improved ramp alignments and curves and improved lighting.
  • Traffic and Operations – Improved mobility due to additional capacity, better roadway alignments and the relocation of on-ramps and exits. 
  • Environment – Noise barriers at select locations to minimize traffic noise, enhance or expand nearby wetlands and improved methods to treat storm water runoff.
  • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) – New closed-circuit traffic cameras, more electronic signs for traveler notifications, highway advisory radio broadcast transmitters and traffic data collectors. Each of these tools helps WSDOT better manage traffic and improve communication with the traveling public.