Training for local agencies through LTAP

Local Training Assistance Program (LTAP) classes & webinars currently available.

Local Training Assistance Program (LTAP)

Local Road Safety Plan Workshop

WSDOT Local Programs & the Washington Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) Center present a virtual workshop for Local Road Safety Plan development.
The workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, February 8, from 9:00am–12:00pm.

The Local Road Safety Plan workshop will walk through the steps necessary to develop a Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP). It will also review the differences between state requirements and federal requirements for a LRSP. The workshop will also briefly review the latest local safety call for projects (County Safety Program). Detailed examples, opportunities for feedback and participation, and time for questions & answers will be included.
Register at:  After registering, you will receive an email with webinar login information.


WSDOT Construction Inspection classes 

Registration is now open for staff of Washington state local agencies for WSDOT Construction Inspection classes in February 2023:

Excavation/Embankment Inspection (Wenatchee, In-person) Wed, Feb.1 (8am-3pm)
Excavation/Embankment Inspection (Virtual, Instructor led) Wed, Feb.1 (8am-3pm)
HMA Placement Inspection ((Wenatchee, In-person) Thu, Feb.2 (8am-3pm)
HMA Placement Inspection (Virtual, Instructor led) Thu, Feb.2 (8am-3pm)
Inspecting Bridge Construction (Virtual) 4-days:  Feb.6,7,8 and 9 (8am-10am each day)
Excavation/Embankment Inspection (Lacey, In-person) Mon, Feb.13 (8am-3pm)
Excavation/Embankment Inspection (Virtual, Instructor led) Mon, Feb.13 (8am-3pm)
Drainage Inspection (Lacey, In-person) Tue, Feb.14 (8am-3pm)
Drainage Inspection (Virtual, Instructor led) Tue, Feb.14 (8am-3pm)
Excavation/Embankment Inspection (Seattle, In-person) Wed, Feb.15 (8am-3pm)
Excavation/Embankment Inspection (Virtual, Instructor led) Wed, Feb.15 (8am-3pm)
Drainage Inspection (Seattle, In-person) Thu, Feb.16 (8am-3pm)
Drainage Inspection (Virtual, Instructor led) Thu, Feb.16 (8am-3pm)
Guardrail Installation Inspection (Vancouver, In-person) Wed, Feb.22 (8am-12pm)
Guardrail Installation Inspection (Virtual, Instructor led) Wed, Feb.22 (8am-12pm) 
Sign Installation Inspection (Vancouver, In-person) Thu, Feb.23 (8am-12pm)
Sign Installation Inspection (Virtual, Instructor led) Thu, Feb.23 (8am-12pm)
Construction Inspection Documentation (Yakima, In-person) Mon, Feb.27 (8am-3pm)
Construction Inspection Documentation (Virtual, Instructor led) Mon, Feb.27 (8am-3pm)
Materials Approval and Accept (Yakima, In-person) Tue, Feb.28 (8am-12pm)
Materials Approval and Accept (Virtual, Instructor led) Tue, Feb.28 (8am-12pm)

Please bring, or download and have access to the Construction Manual and Standard Specifications:
Course books and Login Links for the virtual sessions will be emailed prior to the start of class.
These are WSDOT classes, and local agencies should determine their applicable requirements, and may consult the WSDOT Regional Local Programs Engineers.
Register online:


Olympic Region Local Programs Annual Meetings

Only for local agencies located in the WSDOT Olympic Region.  Choose one meeting from five different dates offered:
Thu, Feb.2 and Tue, Feb.7, 2023 will be Virtual Meetings with Microsoft Teams (9am to 12noon)
Wed, Feb.15 In-person session:  Pierce County Public Works, 2702 S. 42nd Street, Tacoma (9am to 12noon)
Thu, Feb.16 In-person session:  Mason County Public Works, 100 W. Public Works Drive, Shelton (9am to 12noon)
Thu, Feb.23 In-person session:  Thurston County Public Works, 9605 Tilley Road South, Olympia (9am to 12noon)

Hosted by WSDOT LTAP Center. This meeting is for local agencies located in Pierce, Kitsap, Thurston, Mason, Grays Harbor, Clallam and Jefferson Counties receiving federal funding from Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). WSDOT Olympic Region and HQ staff will provide information and answer questions on various federal requirements. Topics include ADA transition plans, use of consultants, training goals, Updated FHWA Form 1273, 2023 Standard Specs, Division 1, Lump Sum Temporary Traffic Control and approval to advertise, DBE monitoring, Title VI, Build America Buy America, NEPA, ROW and common issues.
For brochure with more info and link to register:


Every Day Counts 7 (EDC-7) Summit

Virtual event scheduled for February 14-16, 2023 (10am to 3:30pm each day). 
FHWA has released the list of innovations for Every Day Counts (EDC) 7:

  • Nighttime Visibility for Safety
  • Next Generation TIM: Technology for Saving Lives
  • Integrating GHG Assessment and Reduction Targets in Transportation Planning
  • Enhancing Performance with Internally Cured Concrete (EPIC2)
  • Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for Sustainable Project Delivery
  • Rethinking DBE for Design-Build
  • Strategic Workforce Development

To view additional details on the innovations, please visit the EDC website.  To learn more about these innovations and the resources available to help make advances in these areas, you are invited to participate in any/all of the virtual event.  Please register. Here is a link to the summit agenda.


Washington Transportation Professionals Forum and Peer Exchange  (held Dec.7, 2022)

Presentations and Recording of the webinar now available.  Sessions included:  Horizontal Curve Safety Assessment-Evaluating Safe Speeds and Signing for Horizontal Curves with Low-Cost Phone Apps; County Safety Program Update; Understanding ADA from the Perspective of People with Disabilities; ADA Transition Plans/Basics-Your Roadmap for ADA Compliance; and Public Right-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG).

Copies of the Presentations are available at:
The Recorded webinar is available at:  (Sign-in required, but only used for accessing the recording.)


Title VI Basics for Local Public Agencies

E-Learning from WSDOT Office of Equal Opportunity.  Self-paced workshop on the Title VI/Nondiscrimination responsibilities of local agencies.  The training provides videos and resources.  A link to request a certificate is at the completion of the training.  Title VI Basics for LPAs training slides (PDF 134KB)
For questions, please send an email to:


National Environmental Policy Act- WSDOT Local Programs NEPA Courses

YouTube videos of modules for an Overview; General Project Information; Air Quality and Critical Areas; Section 106 and Hazardous Material; Section 4(f) and Section 6(f); Noise, Stormwater and Environmental Justice; Endangered Species Act.  Reference guide for differences between the local and regional processes (PDF 163KB)


LTAP classes are open to employees of cities, counties, tribes, ports, transit agencies, WSDOT and other state agencies, consultants, contractors, and out-of-state public agencies.

For more information: Contact the LTAP Training Center by email at

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