Connecting Washington Transit Projects

View information on the 21 transit-related projects we administer authorized by the multimodal portion of the Connecting Washington transportation funding package.

The funding package provides approximately $111 million for these transit projects from 2015 through 2031 and additional local options for transit initiatives.


This table below lists eight projects awarded $33.3 million in state funding during the 2019-2021 biennium. The remaining 13 transit projects listed in the Connecting Washington transportation funding package have either already received state funds or are slated to receive state funds in the future.



Project Description



City of Seattle


Build a bridge over I-5 at Northgate Transit Center for pedestrians and bicycles.



King County Metro


Implement bike sharing in suburban cities.



King County Metro


Expand Burien to Delridge RapidRide, serving West Seattle and Southwest King County.



King County Metro


Expand Route 40, serving Northgate and downtown Seattle.



Kitsap Transit


Improve the East Bremerton Transit Center.



Mason Transit


Develop park and rides and enhance existing park and rides to better serve electric vehicles.



Pierce Transit


Design, build and operate possible bus rapid transit on the SR7/Pacific Avenue corridor between Parkland/Spanaway and Tacoma.



Spokane Transit


Build Spokane Central City electric trolley bus line between Gonzaga and Browne's Addition.








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